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This is only the beginning of a careful screening process.

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A Bible, and the vessels of Holy Communion are symbolically given to you; and, in some places you are also robed in a “chasuble” (see image, left).(2) Clergy in some parts of the church do not choose to use this type of vestment at all, so you have to know what you’re doing.(3) Churches where the ordinand will serve may well have a variety of chasubles for their priests to wear – often in designs matching the decor and hangings of that particular place of worship – so it is not particularly necessary for a new priest to have one of their own at the beginning of their ministry.All priests must exercise these gifts, so they are ordained Deacon as a transitional step on their way to becoming priests.Other people are simply called to be deacons throughout their whole lives, and that is the only ordination that they ever want or need.Let me tell you about the practice in my own diocese (the Diocese of Rupert’s Land, in Manitoba, Canada), because I believe it is fairly typical of Anglican practice in other parts of the world.

In this diocese, potential candidates for ordination must be active in an Anglican parish, and before they are even considered for ordination, they must be recommended by a group of that parish’s active leaders.

A deacon is noticeable when wearing liturgical robes, because his or her stole (a coloured scarf in fine fabrics) is worn across the chest at a 45 degree angle.

On the street, deacons can’t be distinguished from priests because they, like priests, may wear a clergy shirt and collar with their everyday clothing.

One of the most famous stories in the Bible tells of the “call” of the prophet Samuel.

The young boy, sleeping in a religious shrine, hears someone calling his name.

Will it be a three year residential degree programme at an accredited seminary?

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