Christian dating a non believer

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Duncan also did not want kids—he saw them as a burden, while I saw them as a gift from God.

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It became clear to me that our yokes were vastly different. Being with him was akin to having one person pulling in one direction and the other one pushing in another.

For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? I was determined to make my relationship with Duncan work.

I was convinced that after I shared the Gospel with Duncan, he would believe in Christ and our yokes would then be equal. One year into our relationship, I began to hear God speaking to me. I had dreams of Duncan and I constantly fighting, of Duncan with another girl, and of me being in church with a guy who was not Duncan.

However, there is one thing I know for sure—Christ is indeed enough for me.

I have since learned to place my heart completely in God’s hands.

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Deep down, I knew what I needed was a man who could pray and worship God together with me.

The Holy Spirit’s tugging at my heart never went away and the cracks in our relationship started to show when Duncan and I frequently argued over the smallest things.

God had finally given me the courage to end my relationship with *Duncan, a non-believer.

I knew that she had been praying for my mother’s salvation too.

I also continued to pray for God to soften his heart so that he could know Jesus.