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In each video sequence multiple instances are annotated.

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Delving deeper, I found other disturbing kinds of kiddies content on You Tube.

So I was stunned to read about #Elsa Gate this holiday.

In a well-researched story for The Verge, Russell Brandom unpacks the slew of creepy videos that are increasingly mimicking kids’ content on You Tube.

Link a child account to your child's user on the Nintendo Switch console if they are aged 12 or under and would like to use the console's online features.

A child account is an account that a parent or guardian can create from within their own Nintendo Account.

The following restrictions can be set for when the user linked to the child account accesses Nintendo e Shop: A regular Nintendo Account is required to create a child account.

If you are a parent or guardian and want to create a child account for your child, you must first create a Nintendo Account for yourself if you do not have one already.

In the Up Next feed, there was string of unofficial Barney videos, one showing Barney being blown up gruesomely, children crying. I dismissed it as the work of a few lone stoners in their grandma’s basement, and vowed to keep an even closer eye on what she watched.

A few years later, I read about a mom who’d found unsuitable videos that had slipped through the then new You Tube Kids app’s filters. But still I didn’t realise the sheer extend of it all.

Dataset released for the 2017 DAVIS Challenge with a dedicated workshop co-located with CVPR 2017.

The videos contain several types of objects and humans with a high quality segmentation annotation.

Several years ago, when my first-born was a toddler, we got an i Pad.