Carbon 14 carbon dating

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Carbon is the basis of life and is present in all living things.Radiocarbon, or carbon-14 (also written as C), is an isotope of carbon that is unstable and weakly radioactive.

Carbon-14 originates in the upper atmosphere of the earth and is created when neutrons originating from solar radiation bombardment collide with nitrogen in the air.This discussion is a simplified introduction to radiocarbon dating.There are exceptions to the theories and relationships introduced below that are beyond the scope of this discussion.It is entirely at odds with everything that is known about nuclear physics.Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Beta Analytic provides biobased content / renewable carbon measurements to top commercial organizations, government agencies, scientists and engineers.The creationist argument that the ratio of C-14 to C-12 is not constant is actually based on the assumption of a young earth with an age of 10,000 years, and sudden changes in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused by the assumed catastrophic events of the Genesis flood.

This is the motivation behind the 30,000 year figure quoted in the creationist position.Trees and plants that get their carbon from the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere will, while they are living have a percentage of carbon 14 equal to that in the atmosphere.The same is true of animals that eat plant material.Carbon 14 is formed from carbon 12 in the atmosphere by the action of cosmic rays.A steady state results in which the rate of decomposition of carbon 14 is matched by the rate of formation of new C-14 by cosmic rays.The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere may have been different in the past.