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Alternatively, and for 50 other destinations it offers: If you've an O2 Refresh tariff or have a Sim only plan with 20GB data, check if your destination is covered by the included Travel Inclusive zone bolt on, which covers 27 further countries including Australia and the USA.

See our round up of the main network charges below to compare.

Outside the EU, some providers charge a gobsmacking £7.20/MB for data and £3/min to make or receive a call, so if you're not careful your mobile bill could set you back more than your trip.

This includes some surprisingly common holiday hotspots, so here's our top tips to cut costs whilst travelling further afield.

If you're a pay monthly contract customer, it's worth checking if you can get an overseas data bundle from your network, as these can often work out cheaper than its standard rates.

We list the major providers' offerings below – bear in mind though that even buying a bundle can work out expensive (a two week trip could set you back £80 ) so you may be better off keeping your phone off or sticking to free Wi-Fi.

Add in unlimited international calls to more than 70 countries, in-flight texting on Gogo-enabled flights and “T-Mobile Tuesdays” which are full of free stuff and great deals like discounts on Shell gasoline or free coffee at Dunkin Donuts and you’re hard-pressed to find a better-unlimited plan on any carrier.

If you’re searching for the best nationwide coverage, Verizon’s the easy choice.For all other pay monthly plans it offers: If you're a frequent traveller, plan to use your phone a lot or are going away for a bit longer than usual, you may be better off getting a specialist Sim.If you're not travelling to one of the countries covered by Three's Go Roam service and can't rely on free Wi-Fi, this may be the most cost-effective way to get online.Also bear in mind that it is likely to be easier to top up a global Sim online.The mobile industry doesn't have the best customer service reputation and while a provider may be good for some, it can be hell for others.Their “beyond unlimited" plan adds 720p streaming video on phones and 1080p on tablets alongside 15GB of mobile hotspot use every month.

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