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Accumulation of the particle mass concentration exceeding several hundred micrograms per cubic meter is accompanied by a continuous size growth from the nucleation-mode particles over multiple days to yield numerous larger particles, distinctive from the aerosol formation typically observed in other regions worldwide.

Furthermore, precipitation typically occurred between the pollution episodes, and wet deposition was also responsible for removal of aerosols.

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For example, the noticeably decreasing mass concentrations during the morning hours on 26, 27, and 28 September coincide with wind speed increasing by 1.8, 0.5, and 1.8 m⋅s); the timing and size of the elevated aerosols are indicative of primary particle emissions originating from local transportation (24, 25).

Although primary emissions by local traffic are clearly discernible by the transiently elevated number concentrations and may play a role in maintaining the particle number concentrations during the polluted period, these primary particles do not appreciably alter the particle mass growth.Our results highlight that regulatory controls of gaseous emissions for volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides from local transportation and sulfur dioxide from regional industrial sources represent the key steps to reduce the urban PM level in China.–5).Aerosols can be directly emitted (primary) or formed through the gas-to-particle conversion process (secondary) in the atmosphere (6, 7).The shaded colors denote the mass concentrations of the aerosol constituents, i.e., green for organics, blue for nitrate, red for sulfate, yellow for ammonium, purple for chloride, and black for black carbon.Particle size and mass evolutions similar to those shown during the clean period (i.e., from 0900–2400 h on 25 September) have been commonly observed under diverse environmental conditions, including in pristine areas, and new particle formation produces a large fraction of the global aerosol population in the troposphere (7, 19–23).Reductions in emissions of the aerosol precursor gases from transportation and industry are essential to mediate severe haze pollution in China.

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