Blackberry not updating google contacts

15-Jun-2019 13:37 by 5 Comments

Blackberry not updating google contacts

Your email account is now added to the Black Berry Hub. should appear and you'll have the option to change the name of the account and how it appears in the Black Berry Hub application.

Note: If your work email account requires that the SD card to be encrypted, you will not be able to your account.

Note: If you are using an email account managed within the Microsoft Office 365 environment you may have to use outlook.office365as the setting for the exchange server in an advanced setup.

The username and password should be your email address and password for work. As an IT administrator, you may wish to consider removing the requirement for SD card encryption, and enabling ' Disable removable storage' to workaround this limitation.

Create a Home screen shortcut: This is enabled by default and adds a shortcut, specific to this account, to your home screen Notify me when an email arrives: This setting controls whether or not you will be alerted when a new message arrives.

Each account that has been added to the application can be individually configured to alert how you would like it.

This can cause the following: These symptoms are typically seen when selecting the forever option with a large mailbox.

However, an extremely large mailbox may cause the same symptoms to be seen with another smaller timeframe selected.As a workaround you can remove the account and manually configure as an IMAP account during re-integration, please see steps above for configuration information.More information on this can be found by clicking here.As an end user you can simply remove the SD card from the device and then attempt to add the email account again.The SD card must remain removed from the device after adding the account.Settings within the Social Networking application itself may need to be changed to make sure the new notifications show up in the Android Notification Tray.