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(laughs) Me and my boyfriend were having problems at the time. He decided to go to my mother to confront her like her daughter’s kind of crazy. (laughs)CJ: What’s the oldest guy you hooked up with off camera? This year, I’m going to go more extreme but that doesn’t necessarily mean more penises.

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’ It just kind of happens but it’s whether you want to ride the wave or you want to get out. I knew a friend who kind of knew about it and he told me how to do it. Megan is someone who I knew was going to be a star the first time I saw her. She is an explosive sexual performer and leaves every scene exhausted. It’s actually come to where when I work with a younger man, I don’t like him. Not a lot of making out but if you want to kiss down or you want to tickle me. What about DP’s, gangbangs, double vag, double anal? The double vag and double anal is not out of the picture yet. If I’m not working, I’ll masturbate just once before bed. Megan: I like to be called things and I like foreplay. However, they learned to work together to stop the assassin, who turned out to be Scorcher (Nadine Crocker).

Lima also appeared in the October 31 episode, “Survivors” and her chemistry with Alex was on full display.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained that their Sawyer is an advocate for alien rights because she feels a connection to them.“She says in her introductory episode that growing up gay and Latina in Nebraska made her ideally sympathetic to people who are different and people who don’t quite fit in,'” Kreisberg said.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti, who oversees the Arrowverse at The CW, told the Hollywood Reporter in May that it has been important to him to show how all-inclusive the DC Comics universe can be.

CJ: Once you lost your virginity, were you promiscuous after that?

Not because I didn’t want to but I could never find girls who were open.

The Supergirl version of Sawyer will be a detective in National City with a special interest in aliens.