Avoid making poor choices while dating

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Avoid making poor choices while dating

While you may still make some poor decisions along the way, the good news is, you can take steps to improve your decision-making skills.If you become aware of the things that can lead you down the wrong path, you can make more rational decisions.

There are also additional decisions that we may not even be aware of as we are making them.

Parents of adult children can: Model correct behavior. If a healthy relationship has been established with the child and trust is proven, children will often ask their parents for advice.

The most powerful tool for any parent is often overlooked. Many parents are never asked, because they rush to give their opinions.

Wait until they ask and then gently share what you think.

(See: Everyone Has a Right to Ignore Your Opinion) Ensure they aren’t enabling bad behavior.

This method, known as the “Monte Carlo fallacy” involves the belief that if something happens more frequently in a period, it will happen less often in the future.

Although this is a mistaken belief, many people base important decisions upon it, resulting in poor choices and unwanted results.

No matter what choice a child makes, they are always your child.

Clearly communicate to your child that you will always love them.

When it comes to making decisions, most people try to make the right choices, but sometimes, regardless of our intentions, we make the wrong ones.

Although it may seem like we come to decisions in a split-second, some people rely on random occurrences or patterns to make choices.

A parent of an adult child does not even have the guaranteed right of giving their opinion without being asked. Embracing the new responsibilities as a parent of an adult child is vital for the child’s development, the well-being of the parent/child relationship, and the mental health and satisfaction of the parent.

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