Autistic dating uk

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Autistic dating uk - one to one phone dating

In this version, all reference to older categories has been removed, including Asperger syndrome.

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If Sophie could be given the correct diagnosis of high-functioning autism, she would at last understand the way her mind works.He wants to know why she is applying for a temporary job as an accounting assistant when she has no experience or training.Although her heart is racing wildly, Sophie manages to keep her composure, explaining that she taught herself accounting at home in the evenings.Sophie’s life would have been simpler and she would be more at peace with herself. Originally, autism was thought to only rarely affect women.This erroneous idea, which emerged from a 1943 study conducted by Léo Kanner (the first psychiatrist to describe the syndrome), has been reinforced by the long-dominant psychoanalytical approach.70% of people with autism have either normal or superior intelligence.

This form of autism is generally referred to as high-functioning autism, as per the latest version of the “bible” of psychiatric disorders, the DSM 5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).The gap between the two rates indicates that many autistic women are likely to remain undiagnosed.Today, Sophie, who lives in France, has a job interview. At 27, she just lost her job as a salesperson due to repeated cash register mistakes – and it’s the eighth time in the last three years.If you could see her nervously twisting her hair, you might think she’s anxious, like anyone would be in the circumstances. She loved maths at university and is deeply ashamed.She hopes the person hiring will not bring up the subject – she has no justification for her professional failures and knows that she is incapable of making one up.She describes the excellent MOOC (online course) she found on the website of the French Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, and tells him how one of the questions she asked the teacher on the forum led to a fascinating debate on the concept of depreciation expenses.

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