Australia post tracking not updating

25-Aug-2019 13:29 by 2 Comments

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Soo i've had stuff delivered by USPS before without incident.

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I would say it should appear after 3 days, at least as number registered and accepted.

which is your situation, either "the number is not registered" or "the number is registered, but no information updated" ?

if the number is not registered, the most possible explanation is that the package was not should ask the sender to give you a copy of the receipt of the shipping label, in which the post office stamp should be there. A couple days ago, the seller said he contacted the post office and he was told they can't locate the package.

I gave a lot of thought into whether or not I should order a 00 item from overseas. I have only shipped EMS packages to my USA address while in Japan and had no issues.

Was this through e Bay (there are many Japanese sellers on e Bay)?

Simon explains that if you want to track a parcel sent through Royal Mail you’ll probably got to their home page and enter your tracking number.

You’ll end up at which simply tells you if your parcel is delivered or still in the system.

However there’s a much more useful tracking service at which will tell you where your parcel is along it’s route.

Not only does this enable you to give detailed tracking information to customers that request it, but you can also send them the information up front.

Simon of Maldon Jewellery aims to help his customers by providing tracking information in emails.

Today he’s got some useful tips on how to achieve this and get the most out of Royal Mail’s tracking.

Is it a parcel that a shop has sent to you (meaning you were given the number via e-mail), or is that something you've sent out yourself while in Japan (meaning you have the exact number at hand)?

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