Asp net objectdatasource not updating

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I have a middle tier object set up which contains my Strongly Typed Dataset (dst Customers) from the local SQL Server North Wind DB. Execute SQLNon Query(Sql Connection1, Sql Data Adapter1, dst) Catch ex As Exception Throw ex Finally Sql Data Adapter1. When setting the reference, the website automatically brought in the middle tier object which contains the strongly typed dataset and the DAL inside the \bin directory. Here are the pertinent properties of the Object Data Source: ID: Object Data Source1 Data Object Type Name: Strongly Typed Data Customers - the properties description says the following: "Specifies a type that can be constructed for Update, Insert, and Delete operations when the method takes this type rather than having one parameter for each property" Select Method: Get Customers Delete Method: Update Customers Insert Method: Update Customers Update Method: Update Customers Typename: Strongly Typed Data Sets.I also have another middle tier object set up which contains my business methods. Get SQLData(Sql Connection1, Sql Data Adapter1, dst) Catch ex As Exception Throw ex Finally Sql Data Adapter1. I have the following properties set up on my Object Data Source from my aspx page: Object Data Source1 is the name of my Object Data Source. Component1 - this is the name of my middle tier class that contains the methods.

I have a dataset that I'm passing from my Gridview to my associated Object Data Source in order to update a row on the Grid View. Unfortunatelly, i still don't have VS or VWD installed in this machine and due to that I can't try to build a small typed dataset. I even made the tiers simpler: Presentation layer which contains the Object Data Source and Gridview Middle tier layer which contains the Strongly Typed Dataset and the methods to Select & Update the data.

It doesn't seem to be able to perform the Update of the re-ordered list.

I am using the DAL-BLL method as described in the datatutorials and my BLL delete method checks there are no associated items before deleting so I would like to use it for this control.

On page load, the Object Data Source will take the default parameters from the Drop Down List and Query String, but problems comes when we want to click Search Button to get the changed values of the Drop Down List or the Query String without posting the page again.

Generally to refresh the data of Object Data Source you often write Object Data Source1. But hold on this is only good if you want to see the changed data from the database or Rebind the Object Data Source, but this will not pass the current value from the controls or query string as a parameter to the database Query or Procedure.

I'm getting the following error when trying to accomplish this: "Could not find a property named 'Customer ID' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1'." This more or less I think tells me that I don't have the parameters set up properly from my Object Data Source with my middle tier method. Close() End If End Try Return int Recds End Function The Get Customers method works fine. however, if you can build a small sample that reproduces the problem over the nortwhind database, please put it here and i'll try it tomorrow when i get at work (I'd appreciate that you'd put all the code here so that i'd just have to copy/paste it at work : D) Luis, in reference to your above statement: "i think that the type indicated in the dataobjectypename should represent one item returned from the objectdatasource control and the return value of the select method should be a collection of items of that type." The datatypeobjectname was automatically generated there in the property after going thru the wizard. The return value from the function is a collection of records within that instance of the dataset. Bottom tier layer to actually retrieve and update data to and from the datasource.

I've triple checked it, and it appears that I do, so I don't know why this error is happening. Close() End If End Try Return dst End Function Public Function Update Customers(By Val dst As dst Customers) As Integer Dim int Recds As Integer Try int Recds = SQLServer Data Access. The website references the Business tier project which contains my two methods above. Now, I'm getting the message: Could not find a property named 'Company Name' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1', instead of Could not find a property named 'Customer ID' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1' Customer ID is the key to the table.

I believe that u need to pass to ur update method everything u can.

I'm using a reorder list which is working fine, and that i've binded to some properties of an entity.

I've also linked a profiler to the database and the update command is never sent.

The code was originally added to a updatepanel but i've read on other threads that there is a problem with some ajax Control Toolkit and updatepanel not updating.

Okay, so I have a Rad Grid that is being filled with data. I click the edit column, change a record, and hit update. It's probably something that tired eyes are merely overlooking.

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