Application screenupdating false not working

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Application screenupdating false not working - Two way free web cam

Freeze Panes = False The code involves opening workbooks, saving them, reading and writing data from the Windows file system to workbooks and between workbooks.

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Find(Word FN, Look In:=xl Values) If Not c Is Nothing Then First Address = c. Set o Rng = Nothing Set o Sheet = Nothing Set o WB = Nothing Set o XL = Nothing 'quit Exit Sub Err_Handler: 'Msg Box Workbook To Work On & " caused a problem. Hey Malik No the status bar is working but i will try knock it off.

When you use the 'New' keyword it's like clicking Start-Microsoft Office Word 2003 If you modified the code like this: Set o Doc = New Word. And you are not updating the o Doc document in your you have it visible, so you wouldn't see it.

Screen Updating = False This is in Shee Print Out() sub procedure. Visible = True You would see that there is an entirely new window.

On Time Now Time Serial(0, 0, 10), "Clear Status Bar" Set a Doc = Active Document 'Word document name open (a Doc) is declared as Word Fn Word FN = Left(a Doc. Name) - 4) 'Open contains a match for Word Fn 'Application. These are also the names of work docs found in c:\forms\travel expenses.doc, c:\forms\training expenses.

Column D, E, F etc are the names of forms say D5- travel expenses, training expenses, end of quarterly expenses etc.

It just sits in memory not doing anything except using up your resources.

Plus you never "Close" the document and "Exit" the application.

The issue is whether or not the VBA can be run without the user seeing/noticing anything happening on the screen. I have tried the following when creating a new workbook but it ended up with no data in it at the end of the process, so I put that down as a fail.

I always incorporate the following code at the start of a Module so that it can run as best it can: Application.

Visible = True here; but your code will 'run faster if you don't make it visible 'Open the workbook Set o WB = o XL. Open(File Name:=Workbook To Work On) Set o Sheet = o WB. Everytime it offsets it opens the cell value say c:\forms\travel expenses ; if travel expenses is in the cell.

Screen Updating = False Workbook To Work On = "C:\forms\index.xls" 'If Excel is running, get a handle on it; otherwise start a new instance of Excel On Error Resume Next Set o XL = Get Object(, "Excel. Number 0 Then Excel Was Not Running = True Set o XL = New Excel. Screen Updating = False End If On Error Go To Err_Handler 'If you want Excel to be visible, you could add the 'line: o XL. When the macro is called for May2008, May2008 is found in say C5 and offsetting of cells will take place.

o Story is a range of values for updating the formfields in a document Please view code, What happens is Update() is called at the beginning, it asks to input a title, the title is updated for the formfields in the current document ie. What happens next is that Call Sheet Print Out is called which takes the current document file name, searches an excel spreadsheet for the document file name value, then offsets and creates a list called forms of the offsetted value Ex FNList. Once the forms are opened the formfields are then updated and the forms are printed off. Sub Update() Dim Title As String Dim frm Title As User Form1 Dim o Story As Range Application.

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