An error occurred while validating the server dns

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An error occurred while validating the server dns

The name servers will then indicate name servers are part of the domain.

The first test is to ensure there is proper domain delegation.

Certificate requests using DNS validation might remain in Pending validation if: The CNAME record wasn’t added to the correct DNS configuration To confirm if the CNAME record has been added to correctly to your DNS configuration, run a command similar to the following: Note: Replace example-cname.with your ACM CNAME record.

The dig command returns the CNAME record’s value in the output if the CNAME record has been added to the correct DNS configuration and propagated successfully.

For information on adding CNAME records to your Route 53 Hosted Zone, see Create Records by Using the Amazon Route 53 Console.

The CNAME record has additional characters or is missing characters Be sure the CNAME record added to your DNS configuration contains no additional or missing characters in the name or value.

ACM uses the CNAME record to validate ownership of domains.

After domains are successfully validated, the certificate status updates from Pending validation to Issued.

What the DNS does with delegation is that it ensures the name server (.com) matches to the correct zone (

The DNS server will delegate the request to the name server and will first find a parent name server and list down the associated child name servers and its IP addresses respectively.

PLESK_ERROR: Could not obtain directory: Invalid response: . PLESK_ERROR: Could not issue a Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for The following things should be checked in order to get an let's Encrypt SSL certificate installed: Note: Let's Encrypt provides only 50 attempts to obtain an SSL certificate per week for a domain.

When you request an ACM certificate using DNS validation, ACM gives you a CNAME record that you must add to your DNS configuration.

On the other hand, to correctly configure it, you will have to mandatorily include TCP for the DNS to fetch queries.