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My folks house, where we lived, had a big bedroom with an old upright piano which we never used, but I kept my drum set up there. I can't believe how good of a song writer and how many songs Buddy wrote. After he moved to New York from Texas, he wrote a dozen (songs) which I thought were some of his very best songs, like "Learnin' The Game", "Love Makes It Tough" and "Peggy Sue Got Married". We were trying to get a hold of Buddy because we were unhappy we hadn't gone to New York with him. - I sure think so because things like those string sessions he did in New York. He actually talked about doing a Gospel album and trying to get the players who played with Ray Charles and use those kind of arrangements. He was just a talented guy and really was into music. We just learned new songs and play and play and play. The last five dates he did were about the only dates I didn't play with him, which I felt bad about. He told Waylon Jennings, who was on that last tour, he told Waylon he was gonna call us back. We thought if you could get a record out, you'd have a hit, you could buy a Cadillac. I didn't realize how influential Buddy was going to be. From the junior high deal when I started playing with him, I really enjoyed it.

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- I know we played it in March of '58, 'cause we played with The Everly Brothers and Jerry Lee (Lewis) down there. I do remember playing six or seven dates with The Royal Teens and Jerry Lee and The Everlys. The only thing I saw about it that was real was they spelled Buddy's name right.

- actually we got back with Sonny Curtis who'd been in the group earlier, actually before I was in the group. Anyway, we were just gonna work as The Crickets and he was just gonna work as Buddy Holly.

He was just gonna work as Buddy Holly and we, Joe B.

"Love like yours will surely come my way." The love is just getting closer is the way I take that. (Laughs) - I just think that's really a nice thing to say. - Sometimes it's hard to believe that Buddy wrote all these songs and was only twenty-one or twenty-two when he died.

I always just took it as getting closer to him and the girl falling in love. It was a lovely, lovely time and people liked it and we were really pleased they did.

I was dating Peggy Sue or had dated Peggy Sue at the time.

There wasn't a lot of Rock 'n' Roll with strings in those days.

The first time I saw him play; I'd seen him one time before that particular tour came to town where we opened the show for him; I just couldn't believe it.

Maybe he listens to Buddy Holly and says OK, maybe I better keep it pretty simple.

(Laughs) When we got home, I know Buddy and I both had one hundred, forty dollars. I played them on "Til I Kissed You" with The Everly Brothers.

(Laughs) They (Premier) made a special set for me as a matter of fact.

Anyway, Buddy and I didn't get to be friends 'til high school. We just looked under insects and thought Crickets would be good. And, there were a lot of crickets around West Texas that year. I was just seventeen at the time, so I really didn't know how to handle it.