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Advanced book dating guest legend show - updating takes under a minuteno res

The background, rationale and main conclusions of the study should be clearly explained.

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Articles should ideally be no more than 11 typeset pages in length.

As a guide, the main text (not including Abstract, Methods, References and figure legends) should be no more than 4,500 words. The Abstract — which must be no more than 200 words long and contain no references — should serve both as a general introduction to the topic and as a brief, non-technical summary of the main results and their implications.

Abbreviations, particularly those that are not standard, should also be kept to a minimum.

Where unavoidable, abbreviations should be defined in the text or legends at their first occurrence, and abbreviations should be used thereafter.

For the main body of the text, there are no explicit requirements for section organization.

According to the authors' preference, the text may be organized as best suits the research.Although a shared basic knowledge of science may be assumed, please bear in mind that the language and concepts that are standard in one field may be unfamiliar to non-specialists.Thus, technical jargon should be avoided and clearly explained where its use is unavoidable.Authors should provide a cover letter that includes the affiliation and contact information for the corresponding author.Authors should briefly explain why the work is considered appropriate for .To enable typesetting of papers, the number of display items should be commensurate with the word length — we suggest that for Articles with less than 2,000 words, no more than 4 figures/tables should be included.

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