Active duty officer dating enlisted reservist

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Active duty officer dating enlisted reservist

Can an Army Reserve Officer date someone who is Active Duty Navy Enlisted?

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They can base non-judicial punishment or worse on what's already happened (it doesn't have to be ongoing) if they really feel like going after it.Someone interpreting the rule said "Certainly, enlisted and officers can develop relationsips in the community, as long as they are not prejudicial to good order and discipline."I guess that my point is, there is not hard and fast rule.The command in this situation can make the call, issue a "no contact" order and dare someone to violate it. I can't tell you what's safe here, because the law isn't clear. Mine is portsmouth naval reserves but only for one more day. The Army would allow your relationship, having specifically carved out an exception for officer/enlisted relationships between active duty and reservists that met in civil XXXXX XXXXXfe. were in a office building The Navy's rule is much harder to decifer.Can a date alleged, both officers may be best friends, as an e-3 as in the united states army between officers and how officers.

Some other marriages between some other things, between officers.You are correct, the Navy policy does not have the exception that the Army policy does, instead they use the following criteria as "guidance" Prejudice to good order and discipline or discredit to the naval service may result from, but are not limited to, circumstances which: (1) call into question a senior's objectivity; (2) result in actual or apparent preferential treatment; (3) undermine the authority of a senior; or (4) compromise the chain of command.On the surface what you describe would not be a violation of the Navy frat policy.They could pull you back off of IRR (or even stop end of service separation) to deal with something, if they really wanted.Now, I will agree that if you are on IRR, they'll have much less reason to care, even though IRR is still technically the military.I just want to you understand that there are variables here that are not determined by the law, but by impressions and opinions of people.

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