Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa

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Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa - best disabled dating website

Before you make a claim for housing benefit please read the information below about Universal Credit.Universal Credit is a single monthly payment that is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Please see the 'Privacy & Cookie Policy' for further information and for details on how to opt out.If you are asked to provide evidence after completing the application you must provide this within one month of making the claim.Please make sure your proof of evidence is up to date.If one of you is working age, you'll usually have to claim universal credit instead.Most working age people can't make a new claim for housing benefit - they have to claim universal credit instead.You can ask us to consider backdating your claim if you have a good reason.

Once we have received your claim, we will now only write to you if you need to provide further documents to support your claim.

You can make a new claim for housing benefit if you're working age and either: You can ask to backdate your claim for up to 1 month when you apply for housing benefit.

The council must backdate it if you had a good reason for claiming late.

If your claim is classed as a complex case, we may still need to see original proofs by post or at one of the locations listed.

If you do not have the evidence to hand or can not upload it, you should still complete the online form and just answer the questions as accurately as possible.

I wonder whether; with the new administration in place, the DBC could still persuade DWP to pull their socks up. Another permutation is where someone’s passed 365 days and drops onto IRESA, tehn wins an appeal to get into the Support Group and they’re dropped back onto CESA with no consideration of continuing IRESA arising from EDP or SDP.

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