Acceptable dating age difference

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Acceptable dating age difference - top pakistani dating sites

Of course cultural dimensions come into play the tendency I referred to is more prominent among Ukrainian and Russian women and less obvious among polish and Czech despite them being slavic as well.

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For LTR I am really look at the 21-23 age range at the moment, these teens are just for fun, they get on your nerves after a while The whole issue is quite simple in slavic countries.I have had quite a few 18's, 19's and 20 year old chicks in my travels.As for SERIOUS relationships and/or marriage..the established chick.They are not interested in your future accomplishments but in your current wealth.That is why an established 40 years old man is better for them than a 30 years old and a 50 years old who has reached peak even better.Just to get things kicked off: : Not an easy place for age gaps it seems.

In my experience, 3-5 year differences seem to be the norm, and with a younger girl still in her prime (18-25), its tough to get them to go much further than this.

I met a girl in Thailand who had recently broken up from a 60 year old British BF. She said he looked good and still fucked like a rabbit.

So real young girls at least in SE Asia don't want to be seen with an old fat or ugly guys.

I'm guessing the 60 year old guy in Domican Republic is supporting this girl and her family.

Not a bad deal though for a 60 year old guy who has money.

In Thailand people will think they are prostitutes if guy is too old or ugly so that is not a good thing.

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