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I think once people understand it, they'll know it’s a terrible scam.’ — Rachel Gilbert, former Republican congressional candidate City leaders put company on agenda Bv. The money is from the new business' propeny taxc.- financing in Ada County. 3 billion factory expansion by Micron Technology Ine.. .1 laiion I win .rails Guy Manage.r.-’Ton Courtney wrote to the council that tin city needs to determine "if the location ol the Micron (aciliiy is a good fit from a quality of life standpoint." lo do that, Courtney said the city must understand how Micron would affect the following aspects of city life: • Job creation and growth of other businesses, • Population growth. Courtney said he ihinks the city should hire a consuiiani - probably from JUB Engineers - lo city ' officials in completing this impact study before the end of January, Work on such a plan would start Jan, 3. Keep in mind, the city’s only applies to the Haiwen Bridge site." Courtney also ihc council would need to reach conclusions on the efi Tect of Micron before the company chooses an expansion site in February. A clo.scd-door .'icssion will follow the he.iring on Micron. Jmclda EIvcdfl Randall BURLEY ~ Imelda Elveda Randall. tioling llui the .iiea’s major betie- laeiors would be mote in support ofa laeilitv would involve everyone. Ilarristm Heritage iaunul.iiion turned tun fora 7 a.m. Mitliiiok;i e V'mmiss KHKts agtvwl at llvir legnl-u' ii Kvting Lw wevk to Mi]i|X't1 i Ik |'n- Je M by scikiing a tvjneseiitiiivcjf) it S nx.vt- ings ;uid olle Ting llteevninly's legal anui'cl. i'outulaiion IVesideiii Clarence Belletii saiti the fontul.ition has etmugli money to pay the eounlv iliree years worth of iiboiii M. "We feel ili Cre necils to be aiioilier biiililing available for that purptise." I’ovlseii said it will be easier to sell the iilea tt the public when the liniiidaiioii lias soiiielhing more sub- siamial to prcscni, "We’iv iiy mg to sell stiii Ktluiw .ilistnicl nglii now. who turned in a letter «ir resignation last week, declined to . rcnily esiiniaied at over‘75 percent ' ana the county clerks, who con- Lawmakers adopted instant regis- of the more than HOO. Miles, Tilt & Cruise-, /Mr Conditioning, Power Locks & Windows & Se;il, Rear Defnxst, Balance of Ford Wammty at No Ctiarge.

364 Good moi Today’s forecast: Sunny with highs in ihc low lo middle 30s. « Page AS Mini-Cassia Economic changes ^cspiw app earances Rupert i.s no t dy- ing. g(Broiwi’sj= ^^ipetbaurt Q^t^ Best Breakfast 1994 3 - Moti Uy 3 . Sj Kv/ll I _ lu’ubci} Simdxvichm "Life It too tho Tt not lo ei real food, ENJOYll" ‘R^aw d B^plottmgextot^ or writing BTtflrtftq .| don’ae^\*dciwn thereiand say this if ! MINI CHIMICHANGAS BURRITOOLE' CHIMICHANGA Ot E ENCHILADA SUIZA CHEESEBURGER DELUXE t ACOSALAD Your first Mexican Speciaity Drink for only $ i .00! Monday will be holiday for most Magic Valley businesses — TWi N'PALLS^^bsr Magie Vallef businesses are declaring Monday a holi- day and are giving employees an extend- ed weekend. Emergency police, fires and ambu- lance services will be available, as will regular trash collection on Monday. Waremart and Smith's will be ' open 24 hours a day all weekend. Aquatic plants arc limiting fishing access, so the water level will be dropped from Jan. according to a news release from the nearby Malad Gorge State Park. 1904, In e son of Harvey , -r They movad to L j^lgn Personal income lax collections indicate the strength of the slate's economy with the paycheck with- holding showing the vigor of the job base while sales tax reflects consumer confidence in the econ- ihrough November were running 9.9 percent ahead of year-ago receipts while economists fore- casted an annual increase of more than 10. (The slippage) could be a signal of the slowing in Idaho’s economic expansion. Combined, the two taxes account for'86'pcwnt of all gen- eral tax receipts. Unformatted text preview: HOW TO GET THE WOMEN YOU DESIRE INTO BED A Down And Dirty Guide To Dating And Seduction For The Man Who's Fed Up With Being Mr. For more information or free catalog, contact: Ross Jeffries 6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275 Culver City, CA 90230 ... Page AS Micron lurescriticized “-Ynu cnn’t tfll m.- ^tinmn n,...»tc have taxes skimmed of T." says anti-tax activist Rachel Gilbert. | vuntlf, or we can armnjtr 9 prvfnslonal Installation for }vul 1 . 1 1 am - 4pm Try our special lunch menu for only .95! 1994 The Times*News/A-S Arounil Bieialte F Camping reservations accepted for summer TWIN FALLS - If you're planning on camping in any of Idaho's most popular state parks next summer, you might want to make your reservations now. Specific campsites cannot be reserved, and reservations arc _no Lixansfcmble, State parks will accept telephone and walk-in reservations aficr March 31. The telephone number for Preist Lake is 443-2200; Farragut is 683-2425‘ Ponderosa is 634-2164; and Hells Gate is 799-5015. Post ofilccs will be open normal hours New Year’s Eve with delivery as normal. State park wants to freeze weeds in Crystal Springs Lake HAGERMAN - The water level in • Crystal Springs Lake, a popular fishing spot at Niagara Springs State Park, will -be-dropped-during-Januaiyio'killaquatic” plants. %TSiirii Kror» Include, his- v Htor ftm married Lucille Zimmerman on June /^feir Vrooc|wf: Fllen'-two:^^ '1? Analysts projected overall growth Iasi sum- mer at II.2.pctccnt. The storms passing though Idaho have dwindled in recent weeks and so has the optimism Tor an extremely wet winter. The South Korean Ministry in Seoul said Hal| crossed the border in (he truce village of I'aimiunjom at I hlft a.m. , Reservations can be made for up to 14 consecutive days. 'And overall tax collections through the first five months of the budget year that began July ] were still running 12.6 percent ahead of year-ago levels. but the program- was only intended to address urban-renewal projects in blighted areas. One site near the flnnsen Bridge would he provided wttli Twin Falls city water and sewer hook-ups. Twin Falls wants to givt^the electronics company a 200- acre site tor its SI. Micron on Friday announced 13 semifinalisis for the factory, includ- ing Boise. I Kmart clothing set ablaze again SPOKANE (AP) — For the sec- set fire to clothes in a Kmart store here. Main Burley 678-0491 » I » I * I » t j*r*i »n ivfvr A8/The Timo S'Nows Friday, December 30, 1994 A Ai Liif, Dccicy Adams, lioh Adams, l.uki; Ad.i MK.

' "The incremcniai financing was never Fuf r “'■■"''n ■'»'» Mk-r.,n-s Twin Fall, rcl,o„l,va,,r„rcc,. Nampa, Twin Falls- Jerome and the Post Falls-Cocur d'Alene area. An arsonist ignited two racks of clothes, about 30 feel apart, in the men's department Tuesday, said Ernie Nyc, an investigator for the Spokane Fire Department. In both eases, the fires were put out without having to force cus- tomers to leave the store on the city’s east side.

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If you can only get one book, then get “Dating To Relating” by Mr. That is all you really need, but if you are a student of the science and you want to get some additional ideas that might be helpful, then I recommend Ross Jeffries as an addition after your library, either before or after you check out Mystery and Neil Strauss.

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    We don't know too many details about their impending nuptials (although, apparently, it's scheduled for October 2020), but Karamo did describe his wedding wishes with this iconic sentence: "I want an extravaganza, baby." Here's their cute Insta announcement: Last night, in front of family & friends, I asked my best friend and the love of my life, “will you marry me? 🤪 I pray today and this year brings you everything your heart desires. The validation of others or in this case the validation of “the one” that will make you whole.